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Farm Konekt & Brooke's Point MAO Collaboration Update

Exciting news from the fields! 🌱 Farm Konekt, in partnership with Brooke’s Point Municipal Agricultural Office (MAO), has embarked on a journey to deepen our roots in the community.

🌟 Regular Visits & Meetings: We're committed to nurturing our bond with the local Farm Association Leaders. Through consistent visits and meetings, we're not just strengthening relationships but also ensuring a smooth, ongoing connection with our marketing department.

🔍 Assessment for Improvement: Our focus is on growth and betterment. By conducting thorough assessments, we're identifying areas that need enhancement, ensuring that progress is always on the horizon.

🎨 Sustainable Design: We're crafting a sustainable system from the ground up, connecting the dots from Farmers to Traders, and from MAO to Farm Konekt. It's all about creating a cohesive, efficient, and sustainable chain.

👥 Community Involvement: The recent meeting saw an enthusiastic turnout of 19 Farmers Association Officials, including 13 incredible women and 6 dedicated men, all united in their passion for agriculture and community development.

We're excited about this collaborative journey towards a more connected and sustainable agricultural community. Stay tuned for more updates!



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