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Farm Konekt Shares Agricultural Innovation at BIMP-EAGA ICT CEOs Forum

Zamboanga, Philippines — The Brunei Darussalam-Indonesia-Malaysia-Philippines East ASEAN Growth Area (BIMP-EAGA) witnessed a strong collaboration with the inaugural BIMP-EAGA Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) Forum Meeting, held in Zamboanga on August 14, 2023.

Supported by the Department of Information and Communications Technology, with backing from the City Government of Zamboanga and the Mindanao Development Authority, the event echoed a shared vision of driving ICT advancements across East ASEAN, fostering innovation and economic growth.

The forum served as a dynamic platform for leaders from BIMP-EAGA nations to exchange insights, discuss ongoing projects, and outline future ambitions. John Vincent Gastanes, CEO of Farm Konekt, shared the company's mission, eloquently emphasizing the importance of merging agriculture and technology.

"We embarked on a journey with Farm Konekt fueled by our unwavering belief in the potential of technology to transform the agricultural landscape. Our aim has always been to create a bridge between traditional practices to the modern tools that innovation offers. It's humbling to see how far we've come, and the BIMP-EAGA ICT CEOs Forum Meeting serves as a testament to the progress we've achieved. Our journey is about ensuring that every farmer, regardless of their scale, can harness the power of technology to cultivate sustainable growth, elevate their livelihoods, and contribute to the overall prosperity of our communities." - John Gastanes, CEO of Farm Konekt

The ICT leaders formalized their commitment to innovation through a symbolic letter of intent. This gesture underscored the collective dedication to embracing change and utilizing technology as a catalyst for progress.

Farm Konekt's participation underscored its unwavering commitment to transformative technology. Its efforts highlighted the profound impact of agricultural innovation on societies and economies alike. As the BIMP-EAGA region embarks on a technological resurgence, Farm Konekt emerges as a leader, envisioning a future where technology harmoniously integrates with a thriving agricultural landscape.



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