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Farm Konekt Empowers Agriculture Development at the 32nd South Luzon Area Business Conference

In a remarkable display of commitment to driving innovation and sustainability in the agriculture sector, Farm Konekt through its CEO John Vincent Gastanes, participated at the 32nd South Luzon Area Business Conference. The event, held at The Tent, Avenue Plaza Hotel in Naga City, invited Gastanes, as one of the esteemed panelists on the first plenary session, which delved into "Innovative and Sustainable Approaches to Agriculture Development."

The conference commenced with an impactful Keynote Address delivered by PCCI President George T. Barcelon, who emphasized the essential need to provide extensive support to MSMEs and start-up companies, fostering enterprise development in the region. He urged all South Luzon Local Chambers to unite and form influential partnerships at the local level, promoting inclusivity, sustainability, and resiliency in the local business landscape.

During Plenary 1, Mr. Gastanes shared his insights regarding the challenges pertaining to consolidation, digitalization, and market competency for smallholder farmers. His focus was on ensuring inclusivity and encouraging their participation in the ecosystem or value chain of industrial companies that are keen on collaborating with the majority of the smallholder farmers' community in the Philippines.

As a thought leader in the agritech industry, Gastanes emphasized that Farm Konekt's approach extends beyond technological aspects; it also centers on fostering community mobilization among farmers. By creating clusters of farmers, Farm Konekt cultivates a supportive ecosystem where resources, knowledge, and opportunities are shared, leading to enhanced productivity and growth.

Furthermore, Mr. Gastanes expressed his belief in the concept of Farm Konekt, which aims to develop a comprehensive data management system. This system would facilitate the participation of both the private sector and the public, allowing them to contribute to and benefit from the agricultural ecosystem. This approach aligns with his perspective on introducing innovations within communities, which necessitates the ability to empathize and ascertain the readiness of these communities to embrace innovations that can streamline processes and make them more efficient.

At the heart of Farm Konekt's mission lies a firm belief in the potential of MSMEs and start-up companies to drive significant advancements in the agriculture sector. The company equips young farmers with innovative apps—Farmers Leaders App, Farmers Technician App, and Farmers Relationship Management System—to make informed decisions and thrive in their agricultural pursuits.

During the conference, Farm Konekt also showcased their latest initiatives, highlighting their participation in an exclusive exhibit. The exhibit featured cutting-edge agritech solutions and garnered significant attention from conference attendees, reinforcing Farm Konekt's position as a pioneer in the industry.

The South Luzon Area Business Conference served as an excellent platform for Farm Konekt to showcase its innovative solutions and foster meaningful connections with like-minded individuals and organizations. As a participant in the conference, Farm Konekt reaffirmed its dedication to driving sustainable agriculture development in the region and beyond.

Through strategic partnerships and a united vision for the future, Farm Konekt remains at the forefront of revolutionizing agriculture practices and empowering local farmers. As a result, the agriculture community in South Luzon is set to witness remarkable growth and resilience, all thanks to the innovative and sustainable approaches it pioneered through its dedicated team.



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