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Farm Konekt's Participation at the Digital Careers Expo 2023

On September 5, 2023, Farm Konekt participated at the Digital Careers Expo, an event showcasing innovation and progress. Led by Farm Konekt’s CEO, John Vincent Gastanes, our team stood among innovators, pioneers, and creators at the City Estate Asturias Hotel, all sharing a common purpose: Exploring "Accelerating Global Digital Opportunities for Filipino Talents."

With unwavering commitment and enthusiasm, Mr. Gastanes and our dedicated team introduce Farm Konekt to a broader audience and illuminated them of our vision to revolutionize the agricultural sector through digital technology and platform. Our aim is to establish sustainable and efficient connections between farmers and consumers, all while championing innovation. 🌾📲

The Digital Careers Expo was more than a mere gathering; it served as a transformative experience for the local talents of Puerto Princesa. It shed light on the limitless possibilities within ICT-enabled industries such as IT-BPM, Emerging Technologies, Online Freelancing, and Creatives. This event celebrated growth, collaboration, and empowerment, all with the goal of enhancing Filipino careers and creating higher income opportunities. 🌏💼

The Digital Careers Expo served as an inspiration for digital workers, online professionals, and the talents of Puerto Princesa City, motivating them to explore new horizons and embrace the ever-evolving world of technology. In partnership with DICT Region IVB - Palawan, Farm Konekt is a big part of this transformation and progress.

Farm Konekt remains steadfast in its commitment to pushing boundaries, fostering innovation, and connecting communities. 🌱🌐

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