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Joint Negosyo Sa Kabataan & Barangay Entrepreneurship Development Training and Sectoral-Based Forum

ILOILO CITY, August 2023 — Under the theme "Better Together, Tao at Bayan: Towards a Whole-of-Country Revitalization and Empowerment of Micro and Small Business," the Joint Negosyo Sa Kabataan (NSK) and Barangay Entrepreneurship Development Training was held in Iloilo City. The event, at the Grand Xing Imperial Hotel, promised the revival of micro and small businesses in the post-pandemic era.

This pioneering initiative aimed to not only continue the recovery of micro and small businesses but also foster an environment of growth and empowerment in the community. The event emphasized the role of Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan officials as enablers and partners in nurturing local entrepreneurship. By creating a wider foundation for business development at the grassroots level, the training envisioned driving the nation's progress toward economic resilience.

The day's spotlight was on the agriculture sector, with five distinguished keynote speakers, including Mark John Tugba representing Farm Konek, offering insights in succinct 10-minute presentations. Their speeches delved into business models, platforms, and aspirations for a prosperous business landscape.

Mark John Tugba, Farm Konek's Community Development Coordinator in Aklan, held the floor as he eloquently presented the company's journey and mission. His articulate presentation earned admiration from event organizers and fellow entrepreneurs. The ensuing interactive session witnessed engaging dialogues as participants sought clarifications through insightful questions.

Amidst the exchanges, Mr. Tugba offered a significant perspective on Farm Konek's commitment to bridging agriculture and technology. His responses reflected the profound impact of Farm Konek's endeavors in the sector. Moreover, the event led to exciting prospects as other business leaders and VIPs expressed their keen interest in forming alliances with Farm Konek.

The Joint Negosyo Sa Kabataan & Barangay Entrepreneurship Development Training emerged as a beacon of hope, guiding micro and small businesses towards recovery and resurgence. In a time when economic revitalization is imperative, this forum served as an ideal platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and strategic collaborations.

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